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Doublestone (2013)- Doublestone {Stoner Doom (Copenhague, Dinamarca)}

Trío danés de stoner

1. Hand of Lucifer 02:56
2. An Omen 04:04
3. Wyoming is Burning 03:56
4. Low 04:15
5. Your Mother Said 03:24
6. Wolves Gotta Howl 05:09


Bo Blond - Guitars, vocals
Kristian Blond - Bass, vocals
Mike James B. - Drums



released 19 January 2013
Guitar & Vocals : Bo Blond
Bass : Kristian Blond
Drums : Michael Bruun
Organ (track 2 & 6) : Kristian "Muffy" Skelgaard

Artwork : Johan August Christiansen
Mix : Andreas Krohn
Lp Master : Lars Lundtoft

With their 3rd EP released on 12” vinyl on Levitation Records, the stage it set for the upcoming debut album, being recorded this summer with Saint Vitus producer Tony Reed turning the knobs.

In the three years Doublestone have excisted, they have been touring Denmark, both headlining and supporting great acts, such as Endless Boogie, Sabbath Assembly, Planet of Zeus and Listener and played a small bar festival in Dublin, Ireland. With an established name in the Copenhagen underground, the time has come, to explore the european live scene.

“... they sound like refugees from Sweden on this one, although other Germanic bands such as Kadavar, Heat & Torso among others, have successfully summoned the riff rock demons of their Scandanavian cousins, Doublestone put the retro rock world on notice with this EP, infusing just the right amount of doom and a double dose of heaviness as befits their name.”

“Doublestone have a sound that makes me think California circa 1970. Just after the summer of love and Woodstock but before prog rock really took off. I would even go as far as saying that this is pretty much what I expect the Danish 70’s was like. Smoke some weed, make love freely and let the day come as it will.”

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