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Pet the Preacher (2012) The Banjo (Copenhague, Dinamarca) {stoner heavy blues}

Pet The Preacher is a danish hard rock band, formed in 2010, that consists of Christian Hede Madsen (vocals, guitar), Torben Wæver Pedersen (bass) and Christian Von Larsen (drums).

With a great love for 70’s blues-rock and old slide masters such as Elmore James and Bukka White, Pet The Preacher mixes history with the modern. Metal structures, prog-inspired, shout-vocals and eerie tales. A trio who play for their lives every time. And without compromise.  fuente-->

The Banjo is the debut-album by Pet The Preacher. A concept-record about a man and his way out of his hell...

1. Hell 03:24
2. The Devil´s Door 02:24
3. Fear And Steps 03:48
4. Cancer You Fucking Bitch 03:43
5. When I´m Around 05:19
6. Below Your Feet 03:58
7. The Banjo 03:21
8. Listen 03:09
9. Don´t You Leave Me Alone 04:27
10. Bottle Emotions 04:29

released 16 July 2012
All music by Pet The Preacher
Lyrics/Story by Christian Hede Madsen
Produced, mixed, mastered by Jacob Bredahl
Recorded live in the Dead Rat Studio

Simon Sonne Andersen & Theis Wilmer Poulsen, guitars on "Bottle Emotions"
Tobias Nefer, Bass-solo on "Listen"
Jacob Bredahl, drunk-gospel-vocals on "The Devil´s Door"

Art-work by Sin Eater

Out on vinyl via. Bilocation Records

For a full thank-you-list, see the vinyl...

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