martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Mountain Thrower (2013)- S/T {psychedelic seventies rock} (Wilmington, North Carolina, US) {trabajo independiente}

The world needs another rock band, and this loud and loose trio of stubborn southern gentlemen from Wilmington, North Carolina has filled the void. Mountain Thrower digs deep into the vibe of obscure seventies rock contributions with guitar-driven melodies, funky shuffle beats, and fatiguing bass volumes. John Manning, the group's brain-child, manifests his views on important topics, such as the inevitable zombie apocalypse and alien time traveling technology, in the form of low-register campfire crooning. Their first release, an out-of-pocket, self-titled, six song pressing will likely be a fixture in many of the record stores around the region. If you like listening to scratchy copies of old James Gang and ZZ Top albums, then you may find yourself right at home with Mountain Thrower in your player. To date, the group has garnered attention from unsuspecting show-goers in Raleigh, and had the police shut down their show at Orton's pool hall for being "too loud." If their current momentum is any indication of the future, then you can bet Mountain Thrower will be a rock and roll essential for months to come.

released 09 October 2013

John Manning- Guitar/Vocals
Chris Bare- Bass
Ben Lanier- Percussion/Organ/Vocals

Recorded by Ian Millard
Mastered by Enormous Door
Album Art by Stackhouse Bell

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