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Witchrider (2013)- s/t EP {Self Released} {Graz, Austria}

Graz, Austria
{Desert Rock / Alternative / Occult Rock}
Sello: Self Released


Witchrider is a rock group formed in Graz/AUT in 2012 by Michael Hirschmugl (also known for being the Bassist of Supercruel and a part of the electro duo Trauma), H.P. Leitner (Former member of the Band Phi) and Daniel Dorninger (of Supercruel and the second member of Trauma). The band was originally called Desert Mountain (after "Desert Sessions" in California). However, they decided that "Witchrider" was a better fit to their musical style. The idea for the bandname was taken from sleep paralysis aka. riding the witch.

Their first release "Black" was recorded just a few weeks after their formation in september and was released on an EP together with 4 other songs.

"Black" also gained airplay on Radio Soundportal in summer 2013.

Although Dorninger, Hirschmugl and Leitner recorded all the instruments on the EP, Bernhard Weigl supported them live as the bass player on their first live gig and has been part of the band ever since.
The latest addition to the band is multi-instrumentalist Jan Krizanic, known for playing with Beggars Street Inn and Assaia.

Witchrider is currently working on their second EP.

This is the first release by Witchrider. It's a five track EP including an additional remix track. The songs where recorded in the "Witchrider studios" in Graz/Austria and where mixed and mastered by the band. All three founding members of Witchrider are featured in this release and the writing and recording took place from november 2012 until april 2013. The band cares a lot for lyrics so all songs are inspired by real life experiences and situations the bandmembers lived through.


released 28 April 2013
Witchrider is Daniel Dorninger, Hans-Peter Leitner and Michael Hirschmugl. 

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