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[BANDAS-UNDER X 4] Cuatro títulos para cuatro discos

BRUNT -stoner desert rock- {Guernsey, Inglaterra}

"You'll definitely feel the full force of this new Guernsey trio. The absence of a vocalist draws plenty of attention to their hypnotic experimental music which ebbs and flows like a strong swamp tide.The music is lead by classic stoner rock riffs, dripping with thick overdrive to create a sludgy fuzzy bluesy sound backed by the solid doom drums/bass grooves of the Mariess brothers." - Vale earth
released 22 February 2014
recorded at the Fermain Tavern by Lifejacket Studios.
cover art by Nikita Kaun

LIMISTONE WHALE -psych stoner doom- {Schwandorf/Munich, Alemania}

Limestone Whale is a classical rock trio from Schwandorf/Munich (Germany) consisting of Florian Kiss (guitar), Clement Hoffer (bass, vocals) and Marco Simmich (drums).
The newcomers already played a successful European Tour with Sardinian blues-rockers King Howl Quartet in October 2013.
The LIMESTONE WHALE EP is the first release of the young and promising musicians!

released 18 March 2014
Recorded at Aexxys-Art Studio (Stephan Fimmers)
Mixed & Mastered by Stephan Fimmers

guitar: Florian Kiss
bass, vocals: Clement Hoffer
drums: Andreas Urban

all songs written by: Florian Kiss / all lyrics by: Clement Hoffer

RIOTGOD -hard rock- {Red Bank, NJ, Estados Unidos}

Riotgod is a band to watch on the New Jersey rock scene.

Though immediately notable for the connection with Monster Magnet via drummer Bob Pantella and guitarist Garrett Sweeny, Riotgod is no side project, its music stands all on its own.

Riotgod's music is attractive to rock fans for it fuses the diverse influences of each member into a unique, energetic sound.

The band's third album Driven●Rise is out March 18th on Metalville Records. Recorded in the summer of 2013 and produced by Bob Pantella, the album showcases the band's ability to channel a classic rock sound yet one that is current and timely, not intent on copying the past. The classic sound critics and fans point out comes from Riotgod's creating music as good as anything they themselves appreciate.

This classic sound forms a sturdy foundation for evocative lyrics, based on not only experience but current trending inspirations. This can be seen in the two songs based on the popular Game of Thrones mythology: Davos and Melisandre -- and the album's title track, written as a direct response to Hurricane Sandy, which in 2012 destroyed much of New Jersey in its wake.

Offering some insight the group's vocalist and lyricist Sunshine said, "Driven●Rise comes forward ignoring obvious possible interpretations. Driven●Rise stems from that moment when stagnation or depression is left behind and action is demanded -- along with unyielding optimism."

It is that unyielding optimism that Riotgod possess, giving 110 percent whether playing small clubs or, as they did in 2012, Wacken Open Air, Europe's largest rock festival.

"When we play, we give it our all," guitarist Garrett Sweeny said. "Everything is channeled into that moment."

When Riotgod hit the stage, people instantly feel the energy of the band, a powerful, passionate exhibit that does away with genre, comparisons or category. Younger people are introduced to hard rock rarely seen currently and older people are re-introduced to what made them love hard rock.

Look at the lyrics for the song "Positronic". Coupled with the fast tempo, it is an homage to all things rock, the fans, the musicians, the attitude.



STEREO SIBERIA -experimental psychedelic rock- {San Petersburgo, Rusia}

Very strong debut work of psychedelic-rock/retro-hard band from Saint Petersburg!
You definitely should check this record, in case if you like Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit Dynamite, Velvet Elvis or Solar Halos. Favorite track: What Will Come. {Mikhail}

Recorded by Naked Sound
Artwork by Stepura V.
Released 19 February 2014


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